Make Your Ex Jealous

How To Use Jealousy To Get An Ex Back

Words of Warning Regarding Jealousy

made his ex jealous

Let's get one thing straight right off the bat: while making your ex jealous can help you get them back, it can also completely ruin your chances forever.

This isn't something you want to try uness you've already got hold of a top-notch program that will walk you through the process of creating jealousy (click here to check out my recommended guide to winning your ex back).

How can making your ex jealous backfire and kill your chances of getting your ex back into your arms? Simple: it can cause your ex to hate you! The key to using jealousy to win back an ex is to do it totally 'under the radar', in such a manner than your ex feels jealous without ever realizing that you're actively trying to make them feel that way.

In other words, you want your ex to feel jealous in a natural way, without knowing you ever put an ounce of effort into making them jealous.

Ways To Make Your Ex Jealous

Wondering how you can make your ex jealous without breaking the rules I mentioned above? Here are a few ideas:

  • Go out and be social. Make sure you attend lots of social events, particularly if there are mutual friends in attendance who might tell your ex that you were there. You won't need to actively make your ex aware of your social life; he or she is probably keeping tabs on you anyway.
  • Post pictures of you hanging out with friends (of both sexes) on Facebook or another social media site where your ex will see them. No need to say anything, just posting pictures of you out having fun will make your ex jealous. (Guys: this is also a solid strategy in general if you're looking to make yourself appealing to women.)
  • Update your Facebook status or post a Tweet with something really casual like, "gone to the ball game with Sarah... go Yankees!". This will let your ex (and/or your ex's friends) know that you're out with a friend of the opposite sex. (Be careful to sound natural with this one!)
  • Go out to a place or event where it's likely you'll bump into your ex... but go with some other friends (doesn't matter whether they're male or female). If you run into your ex, casually say hello (be friendly!) and just make it known you're having a good time without them.
  • When you break the 'no contact' period of silence, slip in a casual comment such as, "hey it was great chatting with you but I am just about to head to dinner with some friends, so let's catch up later". You don't need to say you're going on a date, just leave it open and let your ex's imagination run wild.

Again, with all of these ideas, you need to be very careful to seem natural. You don't want your ex to catch on to your attemps to incite jealousy. But all of them will do just enough to kick-start your ex's imagination and wonder whether you're seeing someone new or moving on after the breakup.

Two things will be very helpful to you when you're trying to make your ex jealous: social media, and mutual friends. If you have your ex on various social networks (ie Facebook) then you'll be able to share information directly with them in a casual and natural way.

Similarly, if you share common friends with your ex (or if you have a way of communicating natural with your ex's friends), you can leak information that might incite jealousy in the back of your ex's mind.