Text Messages To Send Your Ex

When & How To Use Texting To Win Back Your Ex

Advantages of Texting

sending ex a text message

If you're under the age of 40, chances are you've sent and received a lot of text messages over the past few years. Texting is the most popular form of communication between many couples, and it's definitely a very good means of re-establishing contact with your ex.

Why is sending a text message such a good way to start talking with your ex again? Well, for starters, it doesn't require you to have a full-blown conversation with your ex. You can send a text to your ex saying something simple, like "did you hear that Bob's Clothing Store is having a blowout sale this weekend?"... if your ex replies, there's really no need for you to text them back again. There's also no pressure on your ex to reply immediately (or at all) so it's very casual and non-threatening.

As I mentioned in the previous article about re-starting communication with your ex, you should start by having very brief and very casual conversations with your ex. The first few times you chat with him or her should just be a minute or two of small talk, nothing more. And what better a way to get yourself back on the top of your ex's mind than to send a simple text message?

What You Should Say In A Text Message

So, if you've decided that a) the no-contact phase is over; and b) you want to text something to your ex to get them thinking about you again, what should you say in that first message?

Since we've already established that all topics related to your relationship, the breakup, and romance in general are all off-limits for now, the first text should be something really simple and casual. Make it seem to your ex like a thought popped into your mind and you quickly texted him or her about it... your texts, at this point, shouldn't seem well thought-out or appear to have any greater meaning.

Sample Text Messages To Send Your Ex

These are a few of my favorite texts for re-establishing the lines of communication with your ex...

  • "Hey there, I just noticed that a new season of 'The Amazing Race' TV show starts Monday night... thought you'd like to know because I remember how much you love that show!!"
  • "Hi! Just wanted to send you a quick text because I noticed that the 'Foo Fighters' were coming to town next week. I know you're a huge fan, hope you were able to get tickets!"
  • "Hey there, hope all is well... just wondering if you remember the name of that great Vietnamese restaurant we went to for your sister's birthday? I want to take a friend there and can't recall the name."
  • "Hi, how are things? Sorry to bug you, just wanted to ask if you happen to have the name of that mechanic your uncle recommended? My car is dying!"

All of the above examples are non-threatening, light-hearted, and likely to generate a response from your ex. They'll also all do the one thing you want most: planting thoughts of you in your ex's mind.

For more real-world examples of text messages & conversation starters to use on your ex, check out this guide by relationship guru Brad Browning.